She saw the red but, was blind to the pain.

She saw the tears but, never wiped them away

Her broken heart screamed for lost child once warm in this world

But she never hear their screams.

The words mom, baby, honey, sweetie, sugar I cant do this anymore flew off into the wind silently like a butterfly.

It was silent. The room was cold.

Not a single heart could be found working in the room or heard for miles.

One was broken: The other no longer held to any type of beat.

Not a heart in the house could be fixed cause the signs and symptoms of a sickness where never depicted in real life

She was burdened and burned. Hopeless and destitute. Praying for a miracle. Prayer for laughter and the words "dude it was only a joke"

Stuck in silence and a desolate and destroyed place now that her angel flew away.

She too flew away to a place no one would know.

A place called her pain which if she sit there long enough bleeding.

Wounds would clot and from there stems healing and a new found talent for listening.

Listening for anything. Nothing ever was heard but, two little words were scribbled down on paper and thrown in a corner. It read..



I'm sorry.


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