it took me 6 years

to forget all the drunken beers

to forget the shattered mirrors

to forget all the shedded tears

6 years and all the pain disappears


it took me 5 february's

to forget that I was only temporary

to forget that a doctor said it was hereditary

to forget you aren’t even in a cemetery

5 february’s and my pain is unnecessary


it took me 208 weeks

to forget all the shrieks

to forget how bad Jameson reeks

to forget that busted pipe that leaks

208 weeks and those memories still make me freak


it took me 1,095 days

to forget the smokey haze

to forget the way the drunk girl lays

to forget your “i’m sorry” cliches

1,095 days but I still remember your manipulative ways


it took me 1,051,200 minutes

to forget that you don’t have limits

to forget that you’re only out because there wasn’t a witness

to forget that I never gave you my forgiveness

1,051,200 minutes isn’t enough time to count all your tickets


it took me 31,536,000 seconds

to forget how you believed urban legends

to forget you taught me life lessons

to forget that i never got birthday presents

31,536,000 seconds and I still need therapy sessions




This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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