I am sorry she’s gone

-Pushing daisies in a better place.

Her parents will claim it as an accident.

We’ll just go with that.

She swallowed the pills to numb the pain.

-Just like the bottle told her to.

Extra strength.

She never had motivation or strength to get to get out of the bed.

-That’s why she took them, right?

She needed strength, couldn’t do it without the support.

Took the whole bottle to make up for the times when she didn’t take any meds because she liked the way the pain woke her up to her problems.

-It’s just a phase though.

She always liked the smell of bleach. She must have mistaken it for the clear mystery liquid she keeps in a water bottle.

-Always smelled like disinfectant.

Tried to kill the illness living in her mind.

It made her wobble when she walked,

It taught her how to speak in cursive

-but that’s just what kids do these days.


She always liked guns.

Wore all black to camouflage with the barrel,

-maybe that’s why you didn’t see it against her head

when she pulled the trigger.


She made necklaces as a child,

maybe that’s why they found her with a rope around her neck.

She was hanging from the ceiling.

-You always did tell her to “hang in there.”

She fell asleep in the bath tub with a blood alcohol level 4x the legal limit

-That’s normal though.

She always fell asleep in weird places

-because her thoughts kept her up at night.


Teenagers always need more sleep though,

-It gets better.

Just doing what her friends do

-Best days of your life, better.

Its normal, everyone feels like this.


They will claim it as an accident

-She did it for attention, right?

If she needed attention so bad, then why didn’t you give it to her?

How can you not see this coming?


She quit doing everything she loved.

-She became a quitter.

She even carved her resignation on her wrists

on her body she tallied the days she had left.

How can you say you didn’t see it coming?

She said it was coming


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