Robin Williams

You might know him as Mr. Keating,

Or maybe as the voice of the Genie.

Perhaps you have seen him in Goodwill Hunting as Sean Maguire,

Or his desire to grow closer to his children as Mrs. Doubtfire.

Who could forget the laughter we felt

When he portrayed Teddy Roosevelt?

And if you are “Friends” with Rachel and Ross,

You may have briefly seen him as Tomas.

Known for his humor, this mystery man

Was the face of an adult Peter Pan.

Jumanji was another classic.

In the role of Patch Adams, he was fantastic.

Born in Chicago in 1951,

He had a daughter and two sons.

His goals were not always to be an actor,

But soon he realized he could easily summon laughter.

Acting was not always easy, it was quite hard.

But with his dedication he earned a scholarship to Juilliard.

Throughout the years, he has made many people smile,

But he was only on this earth for a short while.

A father, husband, and friend

Whose life sadly came to an end.

A man, dearly missed since he has been gone.

Robin Williams’ legacy, his movies, will always live on.

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