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If Math and English got married and had a baby, it would be Chiasmus.
The Happy Smile Incantation Poem My smile shining bright, that’s my powerful, healthy drink that’ll help get me healthy and well night and day, brush the overwhelming nightmares away, and there will be no more fright.Seeing the stars of night, tha
what a terrible place to be alive.  alone in a country filled with wide eyes. not a single sound of english in sight,  not a single sight of anything but my people  
what a terrible place to be alive.  alone in a country filled with wide eyes. not a single sound of english in sight,  not a single sight of anything but asians   
Jobair Mahmud, a Bangladeshi entrepreneur, is known as a brave, organizational, and social young entrepreneur. He was born on October 10, 1999, in Teknaf, a bordering Upazila of Cox's Bazar district, the world's largest beach town in Bangladesh.
I keep having nightmares like something is feeding off my fear. I feel a dark energy that won't let go of me. I've seen his face, "a black knight" red eyes, Giant. He lives in a rural area of arizona. I can't explain it, but he's here.
When I'm out of work and free, You are the favourite emotion comes in my psyche. When I see moon, I remember your charming face. When I see roses bloom, They are like wrinkles up below your eyes place.
I gave you hands to hunt, legs to mount; The unicorn and the beaver, not upon each other. For strength prevail, and unity much more avail; When you strike one chord but thy doom in discord.
Since we are talking about freedom Don't talk to me like I am dumb After all my rights have been denied You still choose to call the 6, nine Okay, I won't fight it Just provide me with something I can eat
Every poor girls have alot of dreams but all dreams don't come true in their lives . They have wanted everything in their lives . They always hoping from Allah they believed InshanAllah Allah gives me everythings one day✨
The future looks bright. It gonna be a blast But tonight we honor the ancestors of the past. They've done their job. They walked this earth. Tonight we show love because they too have worth.
Get rid of that 'Good Girl' terminology. So fucking,madsculinely ,propagandalised,outdated!   ©Wired6. 27/10/2021
Good bye by Sandrajohnsonj on June 8, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved Good bye then you showed  me that you don't love me. You showed me you don't care. You showed me that i can't trust you. 
I come from a long line of broad-shoulder women Strong women who can carry their own It is said my great - greatfather stood on top of my great - great mother's shoulders
It's not only read and write but how to listen and speak out And comprehend to enforce in life Book and ink are the future baton
It was the era of illiteracy When women's got no mercy They said women's are not worth But they never thought they are the ones who give births They buried them alive
मेरे देश के जवान!! ना होली, ना दिवाली, ना बैसाखी, ना ईद वतन की रक्षा करना, बस यही इनकी रीत... कोई बतायें कैसे उतारे ये एहसान ऐसे वीर है मेरे देश के जवान...!!!
I see you everyday-  Monday to Friday sharing eye contact every 3 minutes but you like her.  She's anything anyone could want. Perfect.  Maybe if I were more like her- 
I'll always feel kinda low Even though I know I'm not alone I know I can always call.....Home??? Which home??? The one where I had the heart break... That makes my belly ache???
TIDES OF MY BEING BY DOYIN. I was never really a problem Except upon occasions when I lived. And In this very eventful occasion, I knew much, but experienced rather less than I would have preferred.
Dear lord,creator of the universe Today I come before you Ready to eat a humble pie For all my mistakes Have been doubtful just like Thomas Cause you have been silent on me Have been crying my heart out
Of a fervent illusion The sky rose in awe with twinkling nematodes Shading a path of love Casting of ceaseless cedars Of the cupressaceae offspring illuminating prudence on spring
Working on a Hot summer day, Body filled with sweat. Got him thinking, "Everything that comes out of this body stinks". And we don't like it, But it's the nature we can't avoid,
At His feet, I seat, And I see it, As the window panes, pan to the past, Just rag and bone, He saved me from the pit. Things went side ways, Now at the Cross is where we meet.
Water flows across the rocks. The beauty seems to make time Stop. A waterfall stand tall, As I look over the waterfall it Was like I can hear the sound Of Water pouring down like rain
For the world to be a better place for us and our children it must become a just and a compassionate society.We need more love to replace the overflowing hatred.
wound of the star
I Love You, oh yes I do. Not only do youmatter to me but I think of you in my prayers to heaven, You mean so much to me and no one can tell you any different,  In my eyes you are special, in my eyes you are important,
history repets for years girls didint get to do anything it repets you now why women havent got to vote men have said things like you cant do that or this its upseting boys think they can do anything and theres alot of things that girls  can tdo t
Her Honesty virtue, encapsulates my heart  Her Angelic nature, is what sets her apart  Her Beauteous smile always melts my heart  Her Effulgent face, is like diamond under the light 
The aesthetic of  Ink on paper And floral words  Leaving my cracked and bleeding lips  
A tepid taste of gIN, and then, a mathematical equation to send these Merry men into methodical battle yet again. Up all of the live-long night and lividly permitted to squint the life from wired, alcohol-felled eyes.
To ask if one knows what art is , is that of an imprudenent question Similar to ask if one knows what life is  That of a better question to inquire is to ask if one enjoys art as one is to ask if you enjoys life
“I have nothing in life.” That so much easier to believe. In reality, I have so much I don’t know what to do with it. You may think I am an ungrateful
“I have nothing in life.” That so much easier to believe. In reality, I have so much I don’t know what to do with it. You may think I am an ungrateful
texas.don.g.nutt,59.poem,headsringing from the boom the bang the pop of the truck im so much an to much gangstafunk bobb ya head move your feet shuffle youeself all around texas,don.g.nutt,59 keeps ya heads ringing my diamonds an teeth im still bl
texas.don.g.nutt.59,poem,tempted.tempted by the feel thats so real tempted by the sight it could be day are night im tempted to touch to see tempted to taste the better an best part of me cant you haters imatatiers see tempted just to be all of me
The word "misnomer" trails my path, As I spread my bare arms infront their eyes. The gaudy colours shout out unsophistication The avaricious dresses berating those succulent curves
Her eyes are snapping, not that heart. All those moans dwells on smokes, Memories kept on encountering ecstacy. Silence, loned truth for our virgin reality . The soul ached badly, treasuring melodies.
My ideas are mine when i begin to writestill get my money the old fashion way  work hard for mine 11 till 7 Its so hot make the sweat rise wet the ceiling. smokin drinking passin out  im with the knowledge to keep the block  from slippin  this shi
My ideas are mine when i begin to writestill get my money the old fashion way  work hard for mine 11 till 7 Its so hot make the sweat rise wet the ceiling. smokin drinking passin out  im with the knowledge to keep the block  from slippin  this shi
Bird to a bird Have u any word To say to the men Whenever u have sin Throw it to a bin Fly with your fin
When I was a little boy my father taught me about circles,  I learned how you end up where you started from,  “But in the journey” he said “you learn something new;”
Sitting all alone, Realizing that to be free, Can only be me.
When did I get older Feeling the time slip by I can’t help but plea   For time to stop But I can see time still fly  
I should have realized from the start. That your powerful words of discrimination are tearing me apart. Favoritism for my white cousin are abundantly clear. Compliment's galore you gifted them year after year.  
I tried tried to get what you wanted. But i'm sorry. I'm tired of you giving me orders tired of trying to live up to your expectations I tried I can't can't you see? You make me do everything you make me do bad things I tried.
In kid-land I did so many things I swam I ran I played Now that I am older My childhood disappears My college My major My minor I realize I am on my way
  Alas, I am sitting in class, Stressed for the upcoming test. Afraid I am unprepared to pass, My heart pounds in my chest.  
A leap of faith is all that it takes to make it Don't run from your fear just rise up and face it If you want to be free don't wait any longer It is by a leap of faith that God makes you stronger  
It's ok   I'm alright   Just breathe   Out for 3   In for 3   I'm fine   I'm not alone
She has eyes like a Tiger Long thick hair flowing down her back Her body was perfect like a hourglass Her touch is so soft Her Love is pure
Why hurt yourself when you hurt from within, Why let your pain show through the slits on your skin, Let me ask you, do you think you're alone? Can't you see other people's pain just isn't shown,
Does it not hurt to think about the digressions this world goes through? To know that people descend and ascend everyday, and how it could've been you?
My best friend Someone I can count on Who is always there for me in the time of need You never wish the worse upon me  Or anyone Nothing but the absolute best   Your positivity 
I never name where it is I envision you alive, or if you are safe in that place, in some random, beat-down-town— but I imagine it's beautiful.  To think of it!You are but an existence spun in my mind, one which
They told me about you. You always came to me in the end.   The end.   “Keep writing poetry, Erin,” my Literature teacher told me At the end of the fall semester.   The end.  
I sit in English, pondering on what I should jot down in these free lines. The ideas flowing like beach waves in a summer day The waves roaring, “Woosh, woosh!”, all through the hour.
Late night/early morning feelings are always the easiest to put into words.
The Second Amendment … a Once great notion, has gone wrong.   Written in earnest so all men can be free, A slippery slope it has turned out to be. Now don’t get me wrong, we should all have a gun,
When I look at you I feel my heart going a hundred miles Well maybe it is When I hear you talk It makes my world spin fast   But it also makes my thoughts spin And I feel like loving you is hard
it all happened so suddenly and everything you would say to me would make, my heartbeat quicken make my knees weak make me unable to sleep god you make me lose sleep and i adore it
Dear me, stay still with the trees  the breeze and the world rotating each time that i breathe i get these moments when i have to lie down because everything feels sort of, all too much
 Dear Dreams,   The alarm buzzes, blares. Water patters on pavement, Streams slide urgently down paned glass, An early fog shrouds the evergreens and the mottled brown, white neighborhood.
Dear, Nephew   You are so full of life right know  so full of energy, joy, happiness, light. You make my days brighter than they were yesterday; When I was feeling alone and depressed.  
To whom it may concern in the city of Detroit, in my city we are sick but not flu like sick but like glue we stick pride joy and the occasional sidekick we are colder than the winter days longer than the summer nights
If you were here you could hear my first words If you were here we'd be playmates If you were here I could say " I love you" everyday If you were here I wouldn't be sad  If you were here I would admire you
  The world is your's son  Don't get caught up in the trash  Be true to yourself   
Dear Jonghyun,   In the smog, a star amongst us  now flying with the rest In the clear skies I wonder if you're happier up there   From so high, can you even see us?
  Dear Life,    You offer no compass for your map    Gaps are a natural display of your existence    Resistance from you is the end of oneself   
Getting away from home was a strong decision that I had to make But decisions are part about life I left everything in search of a better future I was not able to deny myself a tremendous opportunity
it's the world that convinced her she was not worthy of being comfortable in her own body because of the images the media has perceived among young women, the thought they are not good enough for anyone.
Dear Life,   Aren't you tired of beating me down?Kicking me when I'm on the ground?Taking everything I have and throwing it away, so it's nowhere to be found?  
Dear Heart, Fading so near Deaf ears cannot understand the memories you hold dear. I dread the day you'll roam away- From me. Dear Heart, Made of swiftness and light,
I tap my fingers on your waist as we listen to the radio. You smile and nuzzle your head into my shoulder. I pull your hair behind your ear so I can see you better. They say that’s the storybook love, the lying love.
I Love You I "Love" You I'll support you I'll control you I'll love all of you I'll love all of you except for your "health" I'll be there through every fight I'll be there but leave for fights
You picked me up when she turned sour Your sweet friendship was the candy we consumed on Halloween Not given, but chosen and cherished We're like the same person Like two people in a crowd
  I love you You love me But I’m not you And you’re not me   That’s how it should be.   You are you
Destiny unfolds, souls collide Amorous fires blaze within
Her brown eyes shine in the sunlight Her fine smile brightens up my days I'm in love and hope she stays She helps me cope and shows me success My goal is always to impress She ignites my soul with passion 
Theres a eerie path That ends in a bloodbath Man what a aftermath He got so attached His family collapsed he's tryna attack Oh please someone help Someone make him relax But no one wants to interact
Love kills is what they said kills those inside who live inside me That person who continues loving me For being me
I don't love you because I need you, I need you because I love you. You don't have to listen, but you do. You don't have to hold me, yet you do.  And I don't have much to give, but I'll give you my gratitude, for you found me and you comforted me,
I could feel you on my skin like summer heat I start to feel a drip I'm glistening I bite my lips because I am excited but also nervous
…Because I love you I acknowledge that our bond is like a phenomenon of chemical substances that are held together by attraction
I can tell By looking at you This is love You like the Broncos I like the Colts You are outgoing I’m an introvert You have an Xbox I have a Wii But, still, we work perfectly
The first year they told me that it would be the most difficult because it would influence my future. At first I took it as a joke--
                                             My eyes rest for a second                      And for that moment it’s there again That grey stitched texture of the back seats
It was a perfect night for the heist. The darkness and fog shadow me from my enemies. I have confidence in my ability, so much that I wear a patch of my face on my chest.
Once upon a time son, They used to laugh with their hearts  And laugh with their eyes. But now they only laugh with their teeth, While their ice-block-cold eyes Search behind my shadow.  
Once upon a time there was a story that was left untold Where the wicked queen was even more wicked and had somewhat happy life, She let the rain fall, and let the witch come
Crunch week of the APs I picked the corner window seats The quietest But yet the noisiest
When I close my eyes I Envision the deep waters of the ocean Spreading it's arms across the sea Holding hands with distant waters From another country Never to break apart Brotherhood's one magistic bond
If you get too intimate with your best friend There might come up two paths Each one is more dangerous than the other You have to choose Whether the most secure and safe Or take a risk and name you as a couple
It feels like yesterday It all happened to quick I cry from it still Why did you have to go So young So bright So handsome  So sweet The pain to know
The sentence of an almost adultFor the crime of surviving this longNot livingEyes closed, shut tightThe only thing that had my name on it before now were
Serenity Slave away for happiness Slave away from happiness Equanimity   How does one Judge, what is the reality, when all is opposed, so effectively?  
Imagine making love amongst the stars with the Milky Way for our bed while the galaxy watch As the planets orbits around us our climax would be like that of a supernova creating our own constellation
Another year come and gone, another tally to add on the count of my life. Through the long hours and minuets with dragging feet life went on. Through the head ache's of school and friends and family, though I loved every slow minuet.
Reaching out And reaching out. Help the helpless But I am the helpless. Standing out is too much Blending in is too little.
There was a sempiternal supply of energy that night, The flireflies danced their ballad and the countless gathered to observe the spectacle. The sun and moon, two mystic lovers, would meet again tonight.
Hazelnut danced in her eyes Honeysuckle kissed her lips Hibiscus sprung from her cheeks  While curves blessed her hips   Shes as witty as they come  Driven and spontaneous 
Words said to one But different to another,Words slither between each otherDisrespect,Disloyal, Poisonous,Back stabbing those and others.Twisted words, confusion rainsPraised for one,
Quzzing all day ? Buzzing quizmaster Overboard fully equipped Hoverboard loaded ammunition Till the peak ice-berg Slip at the end of the slope Moving motionlessly yet you flash
I have a broken compass; it has a hard time finding North. I think I left it alone too long. It's grown rusty and ignored. There are too many lights in the city sky to try to read the stars.
Yes, another morning. One full of obligations and pain Half Empty glasses behind closed doors With black and blue and grey clouds Aching bones, too tired to tango Oh, so many hours in each day
I write poetry because there are only so many ways that I can express how much I love spiders without sounding like a total creep.
Fire burning Through my veins, Hold on, get a grip... Grab the reins. Pull back... Ignore the attack. Breathe-- inhale...exhale Ignore the air, I know it's stale.
Oh, but our love only lived in my mind It was always too good to be true Do I just leave it all behind? Or foolishly find my way back to you
You blamed him when you fell out of love. But in the end, it was you that fell out of love. Think about that.
My skin was chilled, yet I was warmed.
I'm living but I am not free In the world today it's unacceptable to be me Words cut deep and kills my self esteem I become a shell of who I use to be  When you ask what's wrong with me
"You're fat" "I hate you" "You'll never fit in" Words have a mighty power over me Whether it's a joke or serious I am to be handled with care and caution Most days I am sad and I do not know why
Thank you all for coming today,And thank you,Oh, and thank you,I forgot I invited you, but thank you for coming,And,Hey you.   I have a lot of things to say.  
A lonely island, an empty rock, Midst the storm-tossed sea. All alone, what a shock! What would I need with me?   A book, a tool, a Swiss-Army Knife? A friend, a home, a piping tin fife?
I drift through an endless space, reacquainting myself again  With the parallel black lines Stacked on top of each other with infallible precision In a backdrop of a cream filling, rich as buttercream topping on a cake
Tidal waves They came crashing One by one never ending The one thing I have are the memories you The sweet you The one who will never leave
I sped away one eveningthrough my busy little town,gliding,music occupying my mind,riding down hills,leting the wind run its fingers through my hair.
Alone But am I? Not with Him                                I am happier                  I am not worried I need not fear   Some girls Spend hours Internet stalking
Through the earth, past heaven and sky towards the shore where God's May lie. From the world life's conquered once more, I fly. The world's concerns, while now seem small, once towered high above us all.
Everytime I look at you, I remember my entire history, With and without you. Your face shines so bright, And I am forced to squint,
Stop lets take a look at what's around us recently nobody sayin that they found trust a society that's covered up with irrelevant factors of a life that we don't live it's really frightening
I'm asked, what's the one thing I can't live without? The answer is simple. Company. I could not live without those I care  for. I could not live without you. I refuse, I refuse because,
Lost and won all my life,Taught me in each stage of life;Met people too of different types, Some came smiling, Shook hands only to deceit;Took all my sweetness,Then threw as bagasse,When extracted sugary love;Left me alone, To suffer for rest of l
Come, please I beg you, come and sit next to me and tell me something I haven't heard before.
She was led astray by desire day by day, he thought her quite intriguing, his thoughts stuck on her, always dreaming.  
stuck between cracked heart and broken ribs lies fear no whisper is let slip without a quiver a lionheart won’t last without the spear   of courage loud as red in hot summer
She was indestructible to many  But too many could not see That the beautiful, happy girl. . .  She was drowning in agony.   She could feel her heart breaking  in the silenced pain.
Some may say that this is powerful stuff But the general consensus is that it's not different enough You have to be the next Green, the Rowell of this generation But all this standard lends to is my general consternation
Being a hot mess isn’t hot; I know that better than anyone. Sometimes my heart overworks my head and vice versa.
  I am the perfect man that can shoot an 18 on 18 holes. I can persuade any woman to love me. I have the best heart and soul. I can’t help the fact that I make THE best tea!
Note: Untitled note The unpleasant smell of pencil shavings and Windex spray fills my senses I see A white board The words, "Socialization time" written in pine green expo marker I look down 
강남초원의집 010-4991-0449 초원의집19,선릉초원의집 초원대표 김진욱팀장 입니다^^강남초원의집 010-4991-0449 초원의집19,선릉초원의집을 찾아주셔서 언제나 감사드리고 강남초원의집 010-4991-0449 초원의집19,선릉초원의집 김진욱 팀장을 찾아 주시면 성심 성의껏 모시겠습니다 언제나 내상 걱정없는 초원대표 김진욱 팀장!!
What kind of man will I be? 
She’s got a tongue in cheekway with her kissesthey’re breathlessand scarring, leavingall these marks of crescent nailssaying “screw you”  
The clockwork of setting up your mind for the day, the pleasure, the sweet nectar in waking up!  If there's a truth, it is that in this life we cannot stay-
Awesome is a new life that takes on it's own meaning A life that blooms as learning takes place and knowledge attained is worth gleaning It's awesome how new stages of life evolve and come to be,
Nature Nature is one of the most powerful forces on the planet: By its hand, we live And we die.
A yes or a no A smile, a frown A laugh, a cry A dance party, a crack den Life is what you make of it Make it a crap fest or a never ending festival of celebration Life is filled choices Choices
When I was younger I could not see But I let myself feel monsters under the bed Now I am grown, Powerful. I am not Afraid I am  Not day dreaming Since I am  Older now
Every day I wake up from my bed and the first thing that comes into my head Is what I am
The ends justify the means they say
Freedom of Vibrations 
There is a girl I know. She is a redhead, But she calls herself a blond. This girl is fake all over. Her life revolves around obsession. She is a hypocrite. She is mean, a tad bit.
Life is not about fitting into the crowd so others don't think your wierd Life is about standing up for the truth, even if it is by yourself Life is not about being shoved into silence so your opinion isn't degraded
Behind the black and white edit of my picture is the color of insecurity, doubt, comparison. I can choose to filter the blemishes, creases, flaws.
Nervous A gurgle in my stomach A shortness in my breathing   I am not prepared   This is not an accurate presentation of My knowledge. It is fenced.  
I am seen as that cute girl with a perfect mind, A perfect smile, A perfect life. I am not that cutesy girl. My monster tells me I am possessed by other me. Other me tells me I am weak.
Bricks flying like they were granted the gift of wings The smell of smoke fill my lungs and they sting The looting wont stop till the metaphorical fat women sings Chaos is the theme music for this up rising.  
Bricks flying like they were granted the gift of wings The smell of smoke fill my lungs and they sting The looting wont stop till the metaphorical fat women sings Chaos is the theme music for this up rising.  
I am   Inadequate Unworthy Ugly A sinner.  The world Corrupted with Anti-aging potions And never-ending notions, That life is about Money
I- Integrity has stocked my confidence   A- Allowing me to be the best I can be M- My flaws are for God to judge but to you I am..  
Why do I even bother with writin, readin, speakin When there's no universal goal we're all seekin,
The sky is light, Which is just right. But once it’s night, There is a new sight. It is insightful and dark.
Without filters, I exist in my truest form, and in my truest form is all I want to exist as.
Mitch I'm flawless!I knew thisYet I walked around the hallways with the ficticious conceptThat I was way worse than everyone elseMitch I'm flawless!Why was it ficticious?
My dreams are re-told stories that swamp my mind while I sleep. They're all violent, but never entwine in one another.   One. I'm smothered.
So, I’m sitting and thinking how this will turn out. I have to admit, that with my past I seriously have doubt.
Nappy hair, managable only through the aid of a hot comb. Full round lips, sheltering a mouth full of opinionatedand witty statements.
  I am Black and White in a world of Grey Everything is fixed, nothing is certain, Separated only by a curtain,
To all the cliché lovers,
Breathless and grasping for air My breath chokes for the wind,  My lungs don't seem to dare,
i breathe in, out i let my fingers glide over the keys
Food makes me really happy
I run. I run to heal I run because it's so beautiful  I haven't been running.
Walk down the hallways Self conflict is within me People stare at me
BY KAREN AN-HWEI LEE In prayer: quiet opening, my artery is a thin shadow on paper— margin of long grass,
BY ANONYMOUS Old King Cole Was a merry old soul,  And a merry old soul was he;   He called for his pipe,  And he called for his bowl,  And he called for his fiddlers three!  
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