Introduction of a New Member to an Old Society

Mon, 12/28/2015 - 20:35 -- hayaaa

Some may say that this is powerful stuff

But the general consensus is that it's not different enough

You have to be the next Green, the Rowell of this generation

But all this standard lends to is my general consternation

Where has the acceptance gone? The love of the written word

That once used to be not about the name heard

Because of the contents of my heart that I spill out to you

My heart is the pen, the world my muse

I can guarantee you this: there is no muse more pure

But if you must resist, that's your right, for sure

So if you can't read any further, well that's okay

I suppose your resolution to conform to the nonconformist ideals makes you this way

All I can say to those who go on

Is that my journey here has just begun



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