A Leap of Faith

A leap of faith is all that it takes to make it

Don't run from your fear just rise up and face it

If you want to be free don't wait any longer

It is by a leap of faith that God makes you stronger


Fear of not making it in school was the new ruler

I got diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and lacked order

I turned to the bottle to fight the pain but all I got was no gain

Alcohol and failure in my classes only dealt me suffering and pain


Four years later I still had no hope and was still a joke

I changed my ways by not holding myself back from being broke

I took a leap of faith in the fall and made a decision to face my fear and rise

A successful semester gave me confidence to continue to strive and not despise


A leap of faith taken in the spring has led me to a new dream

I see myself on a beam with God that would make me scream

Screaming joy is my new life today because I live in the present

Amazing how all I had to do was not live in self pity or resentment


Today my dream is a new found hopeful and promising reality

I will have my associates degree with a sense of pride and dignity

I will be enrolled at a university in the fall with a winning attitude

Today I choose to live a life full of experienced spiritual gratitude


I learned that when the going gets tough to perservere in life

Do not be afraid to achieve things and escape the fears that cause strife

I dont flinch becuase I use a relentless effort focused on hope

For after all it is about taking a leap of faith to face fear and cope

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