Dear lord,creator of the universe
Today I come before you
Ready to eat a humble pie
For all my mistakes
Have been doubtful just like Thomas
Cause you have been silent on me
Have been crying my heart out
But you are always silent on me

You have blessed me with beloved ones
But you always take them at your convenient time
And am left shattered and tattered
My heart bleeding,crying out loud
Running for your comfort cause you are our comforter
But the more I comfort myself in your hands the colder I become

Look at the family you blessed me with
They have rejected and abandoned me
Have been molested by the same family
Just because blood is thicker than water
Have been deprived from love cause I see all men mean harm to me
Am now wandering from town to town just searching for a place to call home

The lord is my shepherd I shall not want
But look at me now,
My hope is growing less and less but my trust is still in you
Your hand is becoming shorter,it can't save me anymore,stretch it a little more and come for my rescue
Give me a listening ear,and I will shout out all my cries
Don't be dumb at me,but be more talkative I need answers

Weary and weak,accept my weariness
My heart is grieving with sorrow
And not even a friend Is ready to share my grief
Have sighed for peace and pleasure
But have always felt a painful void within
Life is gloomy and death a terror
All my world is dark and dreary
Am sad and lost forever
My life so bitter,please make it sweet just like honey
Free me from fetter and bless me with peace forevermore

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