Poetry After Death


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I used to be the illest poet I knew... But somethin’ died in me when he died and he, took my love for written word up to God to see, what his mommy really was before the tragedy, before my love and will to live was just snatched from me... I used to be the illest poet I knew..

And words flowed from my lips with such ease, they brought chills like a cold Winter’s breeze, not even the heart of the ghetto could make me give up and let go of the person I was destined to be...

Written word was my escape route, my pen and pad was my way out, when I was sad, alone, confused and hurt, it was my way to vent, to take out- all my anger and fears constructively on something that couldn’t hurt me, in return but just listen, take my pain, all them visions and lock ‘em deep within a place that at night, couldn’t haunt me.

My coping method, they saw as talent, a true gift, something God-sent, I realized the beauty in the way I shared my thoughts as the days went. I used it to tell my story and create works of fiction, while reminiscing on my past making known my existence, I wrote of things unwitnessed, unmentioned, uncensored, bringing fans while all I did was write of things as I dreamed it, thought it, seen it, I swear it flowed with such ease, like a bone-chilling gust from a cold Winter’s breeze..

The talent I was blessed with mitigated the things I dealt with, the trials and tribs of my life, in my book is where I left it... Can’t forget the day I felt it, the first kick, a heartbeat, someone coming into the world to make this life of mine complete. My son gave life a new meaning, gave me things to believe in, complimenting who I was and who I was planning on being. My passion for poetry grew, without a doubt I knew, who I was and for a living what I wanted to do.

But when he died, I cried, I fought, I blamed, I screamed, I kicked, cursed God in vain; I said to hell with life, to hell with pain, with friends, with family, with sunshine, with rain; to hell with everything, to hell with everyone, because life just wasn’t worth it without my son. Everything I once loved, everything I once knew, all the people and things that helped me get through, I gave them all up, screamed ‘just let me be’, ripped up all my poems, to hell with poetry..

I used to be the illest poet I knew.. But somethin’ died in me when he died and he, took my love for written word up to God to see, what his mommy really was before the tragedy, before my love and will to live was just snatched from me.. I used to be the illest poet I knew..

Crazy how the thought of him has reminded me of that and instead of hating it, im beginning to love it again..

Dedicated to Brandon Collins, .Jr.



That was amazing and can see that with the love of poetry coming back to you your talent will only continue to grow please continue writing. Looking forward to reading more from you!


This poem was beautiful. There were a few grammatical tense errors that could be made, that would be easy and simple to fix with a few more times over, but they aren't distracting. The piece was amaizng and I love that it was dedicated to someone, not just written for yourself. To me that would make it so much more meaningful and personal- for that I thank you for sharing it with us.


Brooke Gladney

The poem was great especially since I've witness a family member go through the pain of losing a child. That pain is strong enough to break the strongest of us. I think it great you have a way to express yourself and overcome. 


That was a beautiful poem. You have an amazing way with words, and I look forward to reading more of your poetry.






Wow! Thats deep and I love it. I respect your poetry and the fact that it came completely from the heart. I loved it.


This brought tears to my eyes! I like this poem and the voice behind it. It made me want to go hug everyone of my family members and close friends. God bless you and your great gift for it has truly touched my heart. Keep writing on my friend.


Made me cry. Incredible poem. Thank you for this


Amazing poem. I don't know what else to say... or if I even want to say anything.

You're talented. Write on.


Bless your heart. And PLEASE! WHATEVER YOU DO! Don't stop writing. Your amazing! 


This has left me speechless. You are truly talented.


Wow.. That was truly beautiful. I totally understand how it feels when your going through life and you just wanna say eff poetry cause I been there but it's our outlet, what keeps us together in our own way so as much as we wanna let it go we need it. I appreciate your honesty. Keep writing cause your definitely talented. Never stop.


I used to be the illest poet I knew.
New beginnings, fresh start, it's like I got a fresh heart
A new season, a new reason, something else to believe in
Brandon sent me his sister, tears in my eyes as I took her
In my arms and remembered the light that death had darkened
Took my pen and pad out, began to scream and shout
All my words on the page about the joy in my heart
Embracing my daughter, never forgetting my son
I found my love for poetry, never again will we part..

Thank you all for all the love you have showed me. I truly appreciate it.

-Ms. Porsche

Bailey Reynolds

That was amazing


This poem is so beautiful!

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