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Trying to get mama's attention This toddler needs some milk Looks like she has a lot of questions
13 hours 39 min ago
We are all our own mad scientists Creating ourselfs at every chance we get
13 hours 40 min ago
In verdant fields, a maiden strayed,Her heart attuned to nature's sway.But as she walked, a shadow loomed,A man, his presence all consume
14 hours 6 min ago
Bell rings Time to go to the next class Get shoved and screamed at by your old friend
14 hours 20 min ago
You say that you understand feelings You don’t ever try
14 hours 21 min ago
Get jumped, but you supported me You made sure that I was okay when I returned
14 hours 22 min ago
It feels like I'm drowning Like I'm being suffocated from within I feel like I've turned on myself
15 hours 47 min ago
Must Be Love   ThisSimply this
19 hours 37 min ago
I've never had my head spin and blank out so hard,Never tried to stay awake for nights,
20 hours 4 min ago
The predator was out to kill,Everything was quiet and still,Laying there motionless on his bed,
20 hours 8 min ago