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I am in a place where everyone knows me  I am in a place where no one knows me   
8 hours 20 min ago
Everywhere I roam the steps of another I hear Their heart I can almost feel
8 hours 23 min ago
The room is lined with bodies of tan and pale colors Some of their skin is peeled and in others flesh is ripped
8 hours 30 min ago
I remember your smell of soap with herbs  Your blue wrinkled shirt, fuzzy hair, and full smile I remeber your presence 
8 hours 33 min ago
Clouded minds on sticks which lean on plastic chairs huddle around Nervousness, frustration, anger palpable The air that flows from our t
8 hours 37 min ago
I operate with mirrored windows every day I stand, they stand, we stand I see, they see, we see  
8 hours 38 min ago
Shadows of tapping feet decorate the floorLight from screens cast their radiance upon my eyes yearning for my attentionI listen to the pi
8 hours 39 min ago
1 minute, 2 minute, 3 minute , 4 These numbers trapping me forever within a dimensionI didn't ask for it to take me but it came for me an
8 hours 41 min ago
Sole on the pavement Faces TurnedGreen, White, and Red emanating from withinScowls, cheers, joy, pride, angerTurnRed Light Stop White man
8 hours 43 min ago
There is this penny that sits at the bottom of the fountain It's copper shinning with that of suns embrace of the waterIt seems so statio
8 hours 44 min ago