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Hi, I can’t help looking at you I like your lavender dress What’s your name? You’re a fascinating woman
13 hours 19 min ago
A teenager in tight jeans is posing in front of me. Wow! She’s such a pleasant sight to behold.
13 hours 22 min ago
Your sweetheart says she’s leaving you And you really don’t want her to go You coax her to stay and she doesn’t listen
13 hours 25 min ago
For Monique .
13 hours 28 min ago
Amelia, I’ve got something to say to you I wanted your love most of all You’re worth the time that I waited
13 hours 32 min ago
I impetuously ended the affair with you. And now I can’t bear this lonely feeling.
13 hours 37 min ago
the deep sinister voice in his head spoke slowly as he looked down to see black blood running through his veins.
15 hours 18 min ago
The promised hope disappointed, excusing words in denial anointment. The lover unanswered certainty,
18 hours 20 min ago
In the heart of Jesus, there was an infinity that began.
19 hours 5 min ago
Deep within time, are traces of excellence buried beneath imagination,
19 hours 42 min ago