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If I could but sing, I'd take From your complexion Of the Phoenix, time's progression
11 hours 50 min ago
Excuses Excuses... So MANY EXCUSES... !!! For The Type of Looseness That Has Embraced NOOSES... !?!
11 hours 55 min ago
I dont know if I ever woke From my grave to life more trying. A lifted dread to speak, it spoke:
11 hours 56 min ago
Deja Vuvu, I'm alone and you're out doing you. 
12 hours 12 min ago
I respect the Animal Kingdom, most live in zoo's. They reflect the creatures within me, within you.
13 hours 7 min ago
Where is the comedy in all this bullsh*t Can I find humor in my life, this mess
13 hours 36 min ago
The dark side of Mars is where you'll see the true light Red planets difference
13 hours 44 min ago
#When hanging out at the barbershop... you risk getting a haircut. . .
13 hours 48 min ago
They're keeping me in 6x8 front door made of iron grate concrete floor and three steel walls
13 hours 54 min ago
From Muscle Shoals to Marstons Mills they drank their beers and took their pills.
13 hours 57 min ago