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Seven No Trump Bid II   Trump gropes his brain, reduces thought to a tweet.
10 hours 53 min ago
I need a beautiful lady to love me. Show me a damsel with an ardent love. A smart and intelligent lady will do.
10 hours 53 min ago
For Trishie .
10 hours 56 min ago
The Vichy White House Sycophants, collaborators flatter With trumped up lies for the chief sociopath,
10 hours 57 min ago
For Stacy-Ann .
10 hours 58 min ago
Mexican Party In The House  
11 hours 22 min ago
Acts 10:34-35                             New English Translation
12 hours 23 min ago
Corinthians 13:12                  New English Translation
12 hours 31 min ago
You always say other persons are not good enough for you.
13 hours 12 min ago
I fight for equal rights and justice. Though the battle is getting hot, I’ll never surrender to savage men.
13 hours 16 min ago