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She’s been sitting there alone since I came in. I don’t think she’s waiting for someone.
10 hours 25 min ago
You should never take real love for granted. Real love may come to you once in a lifetime.
10 hours 27 min ago
Look at that cutie over there, The one in the two-piece swimsuit She’s walking along the beach
10 hours 32 min ago
This is a public warning, Stay off from your love ones!! Stay off from the peps who gives you happiness!!
11 hours 11 sec ago
“She is displaying feigned feelings for him.” “He is such a fool to be in love with her.”
11 hours 14 min ago
You covet everything I have and you suppress my ability to achieve. Selfishness and greed will certainly devour you.
11 hours 20 min ago
I’m trying hard to escape this haunting loneliness, But my heart tells me that it’s an impossible thing to do.
11 hours 25 min ago
There’s a girl who wants someone to love her. It must be hard for her to live without a relationship.
11 hours 29 min ago
She’s just as attractive as she was when I met her a few years ago.
11 hours 34 min ago
At first I felt a spark of love for her. Now it feels like a burning flame.
11 hours 37 min ago