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as a little girl only three years old I loved to sit and listen to the stories that he told
17 hours 24 min ago
You were the grown up, Left with an easy choice. You decided, you wanted power. Chose to beat and rape children,
18 hours 30 min ago
Oh no, no, I can't find my pen, I really lost it, I cried like a baby; I can't believe I lost my best friend
18 hours 32 min ago
What versus why, each millennium cries   Man on the run,
19 hours 1 min ago
Don't you remember? The life, the laughs, the love was then way realer, You came into my life and then I knew,
19 hours 43 min ago
Black absorbs all energy and Light, but is still viewed As a negative thing. Black is a strong
20 hours 4 min ago
She’s kind of a witch his mother said.A warning to her son as he was her baby.
20 hours 14 min ago
Searching is the game, And without guidance we play. We take the deep plundge, but alone are we.  
20 hours 56 min ago
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22 hours 49 min ago
  The heart has its mind in its palm, the veiled face of soul so calm. The hands of heart so bountiful,
23 hours 33 min ago