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There's a punk named Sherman. I think he's a germ and.... He repulses me from Cesar Chavez to Hickory.
9 hours 5 min ago
  There's a punk named Sherman, I think he's a germ and..... He repulses me, from street to street.
9 hours 10 min ago
9 hours 23 min ago
Hello, what a pleasant sight! You look stunning tonight. I’ve been eyeing you since you came in the cantina.
9 hours 30 min ago
Look at the kittens in the photograph They are whiter than snow How cute and cuddly they are!
9 hours 36 min ago
I sit here, quietly alone, Still looking for you to come home. Silly of me to think such a thing, I know,
9 hours 37 min ago
Good night, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the most prestigious event in the world,
9 hours 41 min ago
People are sending and receiving gifts and letters Some are visiting their loved ones in late December
9 hours 46 min ago
Inspired by Anthonette .
9 hours 49 min ago
The telephone rings: I answer, Hello! The voice on the telephone says, “Hi, it’s Kristine.”
9 hours 55 min ago