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foliage of change fresh mulch 'neath the oak roots there Lady Slippers bloom.
13 hours 16 min ago
Clang ships bell out to sea incoming storm warnings unheeded "all hands hoist the mainsail"
13 hours 21 min ago
The hour of dread wanes near to thee. None of the doomed shall escape or go free. .
13 hours 37 min ago
I'm reminiscing being back in Mexico sitting on a beach, I was Alone. The most at peace I have ever been, Alone.
14 hours 25 min ago
I frown and adjust my crown. My spirit shattered, but made no sound. Counting my blessings, but my soul is down.
14 hours 53 min ago
I'm Interested In This Thing... " Writers' Block "... But Let Me Just STRESS This Thing I AIN'T Got... !!!
15 hours 11 min ago
I was convinced that when I fell flat on my face, that was my blessings being blocked. Not!
15 hours 23 min ago
Why am I so sentative? Home should be your definition. You probably don't know basic things about me.  
16 hours 8 min ago
They say when one door closes another one opens.
16 hours 19 min ago
Rescued I have been sitting in this kennel It seems like 100 years Every person walking by is judgemental
17 hours 7 min ago