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My fiancee bought a tiny lavender plant Which I have started to water when she's not home to take care of it.
5 hours 39 min ago
Poets of convenience reality to sway A stain that lasts forever
6 hours 8 min ago
Frozen- Do You Want To Build A Snowman Clip (HD)
  My dear niece Things are tough right now But you are strong Things are tough right now
7 hours 39 min ago
I know I didn't listen and sometimes I wasn't there you knew what you were doing you became my deepest fear, I would tell you all my secr
9 hours 15 sec ago
To hell with your endorsement, how false opinion reigns
10 hours 44 min ago
He was called Bubby and he went to Heaven.He died in 2018 at the young age of fifty-seven.
10 hours 55 min ago
12 hours 30 min ago
Sit! Stay! Be still! 
12 hours 39 min ago
Tangke with power in triangles 
12 hours 42 min ago
Nice live in furs of truth 
12 hours 45 min ago