Poems about Race

They walked and walked and walked. With bruised feet, they walked. With bruised souls, they walked. With bruised hearts, they walked.
Everything was separate, The fountains, the schools, The tables, the buses, Nothing was left untouched,
They came to America on a multitude of ships, Bound in captivity by iron shackles and chains.
We are not subjects of anyone’s humiliations We are not followers of any injustice
They say that words won't break a man And names won't color your life and place. But we belong to greater things.
And the critics will deride and scorn, But we will march on, Heading towards the freedom that will be born
My name is Sa’rabie, let me be your African Barbie
Outlawing racial discrimination, Restoring voting rights, And having assured laws with equal protection.
Listen to the earth move under our feet. We march on cold heartless stone.
Finally we have overcome, Where man and woman can be respected no matter where they're from.