Poems about Race

Color of the skin Neither lose nor win This wasn’t about triumph Nor david verse goliath
There shall be equality There shall be a world of equal opportunities Among blacks and whites
It is because of that day in 1963 that blacks are capable of rising above all.
Do you know what year it is? What century we’re in? You say racism is gone You say we all have rights
Black- much more than a color. It represents an entire race. A feeling of pride and honor, humility and grace.
(poems go here) You will not go here they said You will not sit here they said No desegregation of schools they said
As people we all share something called rights. No color nor race should change this fact. A movement with peace and no more fight.
In a country where one color was once the norm A multi-colored star is born Where freedom once depended on race
Looking into the eyes of a young girl The story is told even now The past is behind us forever
Before we take our first breath. And form opinions of one another. Everyone looks the same