Poems about Race

And the critics will deride and scorn, But we will march on, Heading towards the freedom that will be born
My name is Sa’rabie, let me be your African Barbie
Outlawing racial discrimination, Restoring voting rights, And having assured laws with equal protection.
Listen to the earth move under our feet. We march on cold heartless stone.
Finally we have overcome, Where man and woman can be respected no matter where they're from.
We are here it took hard work to be here equally. And Our ancestors carry the scar.
People of today see America as prosperous, a land of the free, And criticize others for being different and not being free.
I believe all are equal, No matter race, religion, gender Accepted, one and all
Shipped from overseas Shackled and chained In slavery we had work ethics Worked from sunup to sundown