Poems about Race

Black, White, No matter what color or race, Thank those who made this place truly, The “land of the free”,
Aren't we the land of the free? In freedom isn't there equality? Yet still we judge one another
We are waiting for the day That God will say That this life was a mere play And we were auditioning
The dream... of a determined man is defined by a person's character, by his goal, by his statue.
What is color? A trick of light Or lack of light. White is bright. Black is dull. But that’s not true.
From the beginning, We were made equal. In the past, they didn't see t That we were made equal
Have you ever been sprayed? Sprayed with iniquity Sprayed with hatred Sprayed with your identity
"All men are created equal" is what they say we are all free but were not the same
The silent tears go unheard The biggest fears come at night Others choose to standby While others choose to fight
Like that ugly duckling we all learned about, Brought up and filled with inklings of doubt,