Poems about Race

I don't believe in this country I believe in it's people
They lookin' at you with those shaded eyeThe dark rings around there eyes
Show me we never skipped a beat. Prove to me In the shadow of a dream, I can find a surreal reality; almost too good to believe.
My son, I told you your life would be hard,Because your skin is a chocolate brown.
  Technicolor   The senses are gift, They're a privilege. Without them the world would be lost.
My dear sweet love for whom god has sent from above may i cheerish you in my heart
  Who am I? That's right,  a Black Woman ! That Condoleezza Rice, the Oprah  Winfrey, Michelle Obama type.
 I am ashamed to be in America.
I am what you see I am something everyone should be I am a lover not a fighter