Poems about Race

In a country where one color was once the norm A multi-colored star is born Where freedom once depended on race
Looking into the eyes of a young girl The story is told even now The past is behind us forever
Before we take our first breath. And form opinions of one another. Everyone looks the same
The scenery of the land passes by as I look blankly out the window.
The diner reeks of sweaty booths The ceiling fan has died. Summer bakes the windows brown
Watching those around and I don’t care who sees My pride and my effort to live being me
I join this march in hopes and praise, that perhaps it will end these dark days. I turn and see a group of people,
To be black or not to be black —— that is the question Whether ‘tis wrong to have dark skin And not be seen as a human,
America the brave still fears of what they don’t know? A culture founded from
Imagine walking shoeless with nothing to protect your feet Being judged on the color of your skin