Poems about Race

America the brave still fears of what they don’t know? A culture founded from
Imagine walking shoeless with nothing to protect your feet Being judged on the color of your skin
the struggle it began the time we were born
Color Blacks, Whites, Reds, Yellows.. they're all just colors
White signs in red writing won’t change the world, Angry threats and harsh words hurled,
I cannot help but think why color even mattered in the first place Close your eyes and we are all the same
5 AM tossing and turning Watching as my eyes are closed the things they fought for The words they spoke
I believe in the equality of color, race, and skin I believe in the ability
Discrimination has always been wrong Thats why today it is gone We all were given a right to us
They walked and walked and walked. With bruised feet, they walked. With bruised souls, they walked. With bruised hearts, they walked.