Poems about Immigration

My Yah Yah came from China He sailed across the sea He wanted to come to America to live in the land of the free
By day and night we struggle to fight, we strive for something more, than taking the flight,
Latinos Africans Europeans Asians They came tattered Worn and dusty
There is a deadly order where people do not have the right to speak
I write for those voices which are constantly unheard,
sometimes i cant think stress is just too thick illusions of blown rich but not even have license
A DREAMers dream that of no other  just whispers echoing through cold stone walls  yet louder than thunder 
Staring at a wall in isolation you are not alone, trapped in a place that can never be a home, dealt bad coins and with your attempt to u
  Carried a miles-distance are these desperate cries Tears collected as one, as the assembly weeps