Poems about Immigration

The Cold Winds of Change Will Carry You, My Dear Friend, To A Distant Place.
As a tall lean and athletic Mexican boy, I look back to back to my past from which I was employed.
Soft golden handle. Large bronze door, pushing its breeze on my face, not knowing what can come my way.
Black or white All different in sight Despite our looks We all should have rights
Watch how the masses rally and pound, making the ground Shake,
She is my life, she is my heart, She is not like you, treated horribly by her differences, tearing me apart.
I am a Jamaican. You are a African American. I walk down a path unknown, You walk down a path unknown.
The american dream, making the united states seem like paradise Some die trying to make their way to the united states
Hundred different footsteps echo in the streets Thunder! Lightning! Rain! all silenced by their heart beats