Poems about Immigration

So different from my homewith tall buildings and paved sidewalks 
College isn't easy But you can't ever give up Show the ones around you that you can
Perfectly positioned Southeast As a greeting to oncoming vessels
  I am the strongest woman in the world. I have survived a nation that did not want me.
My village had no electricity and one pig.   This is the story my father tells when he thinks
  Taken. Taken against my own will Country of freedom? Ha! yea right
 Bernadette Irankunda.  i was only a 9 year old girl . coming to a country i didn't know  , didn't speak the language. Here I'm.
You tell me to dream  Yet you take away everything  You tell me to dream And still I'm not good enough  
Angie Brooks who was ironically born in the month of May gave birth to four is as gentle as the stroke of a newborn
I'm from the capital of oil producing place I'm from where people live in actual homes and not caves