Poems about Immigration

There's no such thing as justice b it's just us wishing justice just was you see? or so they say
It's up to me? I thought I was just here to be... Why is everything changing so rapidly?
 On being a human  Mi Raza is not my race For “race” begins the classification,
nursing homes. senior citizens.  its where the money comes from  traveled from sudan to germany. 
I see her every day Waking up with her tired body But empowered with the mind To go and look for the daily bread
Little darling, so innocent.Oh, the things you can't control. I don't really know what that's like.
I am Jeffrey I am in a technological world The twenty-first century Seeing the world change every day
He prowls the lands in search of residences. One, does he cozen. All but one habitent is ornate in his presence.
People claim land as their own but little do they know
(poems go here) I call myself Haitian sensation Insinuating my swag Because I know I am God’s greatest creation