Poems about Immigration

While I am able to work and stay here for now,  There's still some disadvantages that make me mad.
I am a Mexican girl living in the U.S. I wonder what it would be like if my mom hadn't brought me to the land of the free.
I ain't no poet
Hey miss Jackie how are you today ? I remember the lesson you gave to the class the other day
Could I win with canteloupe? I surely hope so. Could I win with the immigration laws? I guess I don't know.
So different from my homewith tall buildings and paved sidewalks 
College isn't easy But you can't ever give up Show the ones around you that you can
Perfectly positioned Southeast As a greeting to oncoming vessels
  I am the strongest woman in the world. I have survived a nation that did not want me.
My village had no electricity and one pig.   This is the story my father tells when he thinks