Slam Behind the Cutian

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See my mirror my complexion is clearer
When you think about yourself, and who you really are, do you picture someone in the shadows, or a blinding bright star? But who you really are is completely up to you, because everybody has
I am more than just my name.
Brown and White walls Confinment everywhere for all eyes to see and stair Thirteen girls five room Quiet and afraid of ourselves We are here for a reason We want to die
A mass pool of children are labeled and mixed together All different cognitive thinkers, forced to pay attention To topics that don't matter iPhone. math. advertisement.  distractions.
Inexperienced,  low,
Reyna is an undefinable person Every characteristic of hers contradicts the other She's smart, yet so foolish  She's friendly, yet so anti-social She's strong, yet so weak
Music is a curse.
This is the me that they know, A smiley, carefree me that they know, The girl who is always happy, The girl that always laughs and is Godly, . That girl that gives the best advice,
I wonder if there is anyone out there like me I hear a grou
Behind this mask i wear, behind my fake face, there lies my true image.  Broken beyond repair, shattered into million peices, a tortured soul
My days were dark, the hours slow Out of bed I could not roll. This dark, eery feeling crept into my heart, When will my happy days finally start? I pushed and I kicked and I screamed in my sleep,
My silence kept me alone. I remained invisible to everyone around me. My thoughts stayed closed off to the world. No one understood who I could be.   Slowly but surely I grew.
In my heart you will find, A thorn bush grown with time. Rose buds are here and there, But not one blooms anywhere. In my mind you will see, Scattered thoughts floating endlessly.
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