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she kept walking away from all the noise trying,  for just one second to give her head a  moment of silence.   but the problem arose time and time again, 
Fear, Find the ones that you hold dear. Fear, Keep them safe for I am near. Fear, You are the useless broken seer. Hate,
The voices in my head they take over and push me to the point. They tell me I am not good enough. That I am just messing up. Every step I take is a mistake. Every word, a lie. The voices in my head
A thousand eyelids fluttering in the dim light Millions of whispers piled deep into my head
Screeching and yellingLaughing and tauntingIn my head,It's loud and noisyScatter thoughtsAnd tear stai
Rest in peace: To the person no one recognizes,  Dying a death, a lonely death. Rest in peace:  To the skinny girl in Africa; The starving didn't get to her as fast as the AIDS. Rest in peace:
Dear Inner Voice,   It’s been years Since you’ve been here Reminding me of my fears That was made clear Now you’re back Ready to attack My sanity And create calamity
I'd rather set myself on fire Then listen to you anymore I'd rather burn and scream in hot agony Then sit in silence feeling the opposite pain within
I can hear you laugh,Like sweet nectar on the wind,You’re calling my name.
O'er the mountain, Under gray sky,  An eagle calls, I hear his cry.    O'er the mountain,  Doves mourn and cry,  Sit and listen,  As they all sigh.   
Sitting in class with my Victoria Secret perfume of Temptation and in my new letterman jacket. I’m on the honor roll, valen victorian of my class, and engaged, not in some ostensible straitjacket.
Mommy, look at me, look what I can do.Say any word and I'll spell it, I'm smart just like you. I'm sorry I was bad. You hate me? Is that true?I promise I'll be better, Mommy, tell me what to do.
I know the pain Of losing someone close.   I know the pain Of losing a family.   I know the pain Of losing faith.   My pain has a name. She comes in four.  
The wind is blowing cuts like knives throuw my soul This pain in my heart hurts more than the world will know   Voices in my head whisper light as a feather It'll take a little time
It’s against the rules to bawl here. Not because someone said it, not because it would hurt anything. Just don’t cry. It’s that simple. Just don’t feel. Quit it.
I’m not much of a poet But then other times I think Maybe I am if Only in some ways   In a rush or a trickle When I least expect them to Words have a way of Flying from my hands  
One step to the left and,      Already dead I pull-poked the wonderings out of my head. They slimed and they slithered Into the pool To recreate moments of frivolous drool That deemed little merit
I'm sitting here. Again I'm alone. I'm trying to escape Escape from the hurtful words and the voices in my head. My headphones are on and my music is up. Here I sit. I'm by myself.
Voices , Voices and complete silence Death is everywhere.. Children are dying Mothers are being slaughtered But!! Whats it to you ?? Why are you concerned?? They don't matter...
Everyone has at least one A voice in their head Some have multiple Some have good ones Some not so good The ones that encourage them The ones that put them down The ones that inspire change
She stands there Staring at the mirror Multiple thoughts race through her head The voices tell at her They put her down She starts to cry She looks in the mirror She can't recognize this person
A worn out face stares through the fog, forgotten voices fill her head. The dripping of the constant rain, diminishes the never ending pain.   Two dim lights finally appear,
I hear voices you see, They talk to me you know? They are all diferent sets of me. Some scream. Some mumble. One keeps going lalala. But the biggest voice, He likes to coo, Gently,
Can you really just wander so much?
Insecurities unfold all around us Everyone’s walking around like their aimless No one shows their true colors Everyone only judges, why bother Afraid to show the world In fear of acceptance
Judge with thoughts in the dark shadows green Remember in mind what was forseen
The voices they scream soft as every butterfly Strangely beautiful with a poisonous smile
    Oct 15   It's loud, and then quiet. Calm followed by chaos. Too often I'll hear it, and chase after it.  
  Oct 10 2014  
Seven o'clock I walk Into the doors of my high school, my black high school Where People do whatever it takes to be considered cool I walk into the bathroom choking from the smoke Uhg I hate this school I complain daily
Life can be tough and people acknowledge that But they don't realize how much I hide Behind my curtain of lies They see my shining smile and happy step But all I feel is depressed and lonely
Bump in the night, a forgiven fright, but so easily mistaken, for ones so often taken.   Things unseen, Things unheard, Things that most certainly unnerve, Scream my name
    I have an innovative mind One with many characters and personalities My friends are imaginary, a figment of my dreams They come alive as I write on the pages inside a blank notebook of my alter worlds.
Behind this curtain I stand Holding my hands out Palms up Asking silently for help But the words won’t escape my lips And the thought of asking slips my mind As the curtain rises.
I am sweet and innocent and a little too sad I've got lots of problems because of my drug addict dad
Everybody wants to be heard, but nobody wants to listen I'm no poet myself, I'm just a student with a vision to one day be known as an inspiration to many not be tossed down the ground like an old, copper penny 
That voice
I didn't understand why girls would cry because their bodies never mesmerized a boy's eyes I didn't understand why the wrists were slit on my friends thin arms
I, ego, none of these is YOU ARE WHAT I SAY cogito ergo sum, NO Multi ergo sunt
My hands warp and writhe Fabricated conspiricies consume my mind Sinister notions deafen my perceptions What lurks in the corner what will i find? Misfortune haunts my core It is something that i adore
Faces gleam in empty windowpanes Pressed against the glass, Glued, judging, watching as they invaded the domain Their domain. The hospital. Shivers coursed down the visitor’s spine,
Walls whisper as tears hit soaked pillows, a loud voice from deep inside screams as hearts are racing.
A mind can do so much, Think , do, and feel every touch. We know how much good it can do, But oh how much bad it can put us through. Leads our hearts astray in sin, Tells us we need things that we don't,
Everything, everything, everything,
I am spinning Spinning in circles.
Under the bleak street lights, Eerie aspirations of Ghosts waiting silently in the fading light. Their voices quietly escaping into the back of my mind which is gaping. Carrying their inaudible plight not mistaking,
Sad to say To my dismay I waste away my day Trying to find the words to say To make you stay But my silence just pushes you away.   So here I am instead Laying here in bed
They hiss, They scream, Sometimes lower Than a whisper, Other times louder than A foghorn. Since childhood they Have haunted his Mind. They are difficult to handle
They fill us up with lies They pull down the blinds And are the cause Of our sad demise   These voices and their venom Slowly poison us to death And in time we become
If you could see what I hear it would make you laugh some times and othes live in fear..........Some times it's qiet and so serean and others the voices are deafening......I try to block them out with drugs and alcohol but that only helps for awhi
I write because Actions can never completely suffice. We are to control ourselves But there is a war raging within me.  
I hear you, your voice is so faint. You’re invisible to my eyes. Searching for you, I question why? Answers almost grasped.
stop crying. stop crying. that's a lesson you learn from dying. it's nothing, it's okay. i'm just gradually going insane. but it's alright. I'll cross my t's and dot my i's and everything will be fine.
Can’t sleep, can’t think Voices plaguing me. Screaming, barely coherent, whispering, can’tmakeoutthewords. Won’t let me be. Can’t run away, going crazy. Day by day. Followavoiceitmakesnosense
Sing me to sleep? Like how you do in my thoughts. Sing me to the land where nothing ever hurts. Where everything is right, and where it should be. Sing me to a place where it's just you and me.
Mind in pieces; never in peace She can only breathe Silence is a virtue Since inside her mind There are screams Avalanches fall like dominoes She is the only one who knows
You know you’re a horrible person. Your walls won’t let you forget. Closing in, I’m sorry dear. These are the things you don’t want to hear. But walls have voices and ears to listen.
There are Voices. In my head In my heart Around me. Voices- Degrade me Humiliate me Hurt me Accuse me of my Worthlessness, Incompetence, Make me feel like SHIT, usually
You're not good enough And you never will be You're ugly You're too fat No one will ever like you Because you're fat You're too skinny You will never look like her
I have a voice. I have a voice that often toys with the idea of being loud, and like chips ahoy, which turned out to be cookies instead of chips, I’d expose my past shyness as simply a decoy.
What is the purpose of having a voice that we are too afraid to use What is the point of speaking out loud When our words are not worthy to be heard How can we complain About the state of human life
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