Crying at school: How the world will see you.

It’s against the rules to bawl here. Not because someone said it, not because it would hurt anything. Just don’t cry. It’s that simple. Just don’t feel. Quit it.

Don’t be thought of as emotional, that’s bad. Emotions are bad. Emo kids are bad. Being emotional is just searching for attention. Attention is bad. People who seek attention are fake. Those who are emotional are fake. Being fake is bad. Don’t be fake.

Buck up. Man up. Woman up. Whatever is not babyish. Everyone who ever cried died. Dying is bad.

Heaven forbid it that eyes run with water and emotions are brought above the surface. Heaven forbid. Because that’s bad. But heaven is bad. Religion doesn’t matter. So there’s no salvation.

Don’t be a jerk. Just be good. Have a moral compass. But watch porn anyway, it’ll keep folk from feeling the need for sex during the day. Fantasy is for the night. Listen to the night.

Cry in school. That’s bad. Heaven forbid that gets done.

Better to make out in the halls. Everyone sees, but if you’re popular, it won’t matter later. Or cheat on a test. That’s not so bad so long as no one sees. No one sees the porn either. So it’s okay.

They’re all okay with everything but tears. Someone will call home. Someone will tell a counselor. Then there is trouble. Then class is missed. Grades get better, but work quality decreases.

Don’t be emotional. Just be nice. Because being nice is easy. Being nice is what the good people do. Everything is all good. We’re all family under the same sky. Everyone loves each other.

Why cry? It doesn’t matter, everything will be okay. It’s gonna be okay. Avoiding your problems makes them go away.

Easy success comes from just being perfect. The world is so full of good, being sad doesn’t fix anything. Flowers and puppies and cupcakes and girlfriends/boyfriends and books and tea and coffee and ice cream and people, there’s so much good in the world!

On second thought, being in a relationship equals happiness. Every day together will bring happiness. Sarcasm is veiled anger and everything said by a lover is love, not anger.

Truth is in everything. Truth never hurts never cries. Stop crying. Don’t do that it’s not allowed. Be perfect. It makes college applications easier.

Quit cutting, that’s bad. That makes other people feel bad. Don’t be bad. Be good. That makes the world a happy place.

Forget that bad things happen. That’s just bad people. Good people aren’t bad.

Someone will tell a counselor. How bad the mind of the person, who sits in the corner and cries, relates and writes over the space in the darkness inside the crying that can’t be felt, and the rhythm just sinks even deeper into the soul that was taken away. Just don’t cry.


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