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What is the purpose of having a voice that we are too afraid to use
What is the point of speaking out loud
When our words are not worthy to be heard
How can we complain About the state of human life
And no one stands up for change
Where is that loud voice,
When our children are being killed & raped & beaten like animals
What happened to the voice,
When it became ok for our teens to find comfort & love in the hands of someone built just like them
Where is the voice of the parents when the youth believe that the church house is just another place to socialize & pick up dates
Where is the voice of the fathers, When the voice of the sons' voice become overpowered by the sound of gunfire
Where is the voice of Church supporting the youth & teaching the youth, Instead of downing the youth
How can we have a voice & not say anything
Where is the voice of principals discipling the teachers who gave up on teaching
What happened to the neighbor's voice who wouldn't stand for that child doing anything mama wouldn't let them do
What happened to the voice within telling you that what you are about to do ain't right,
Taunting you because you know it's not right
Where's that voice that knows "If I don't stand for something, I will fall for anything"
When we will hear that voice again


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