Voices of the past


United States
27° 52' 2.8092" N, 82° 43' 6.7008" W

Sing me to sleep?
Like how you do in my thoughts.
Sing me to the land where nothing ever hurts.
Where everything is right, and where it should be.
Sing me to a place where it's just you and me.

Sing me straight to sleep,
Where the birds whistle all night, and the sun never comes up.
Endless fun is just insight, and boredom never heard of.
Sing me to the place where I can be free of my mind.

Wrap me in your arms,
Where I'm oh so safe.
Wrap me in your velvety soft voice
That everybody loves.

Tell me that you love me,
That I'm all you've ever wanted
Sing me to my safe place, and we'll never lose each other.


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