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As ground separates,Across the giant landscape,Bright animals bound.
 I don't like using the website that never works.     Nothing happens when a sub is gone. You can treat us like we're 17, not 5.     Just because we're not paying attention doesn't mean we don't get it.
Hey teacher!
I've lost all care So much indifference now I just want to be done i don't care why or how   You don't understand What this means to me This doesn't affect What I want to be  
Now I'll admit, there are idiots
you know what I hate? when teachers do that fake laugh it goes something like this: they tilt their head back open their mouth so wide that no rain within a 2-mile radius can escape
You don't care Your a teacher ,an educator, you speak for the children
i go to school for an education not for frustration not for confusion not for persuasion not to pressured into making bad decisions not to be yelled at by aggravated teachers  
They say those who cant do, teach. Well you are not exactly proving them wrong.You assume that because I'm the student and you're the teacher that I'm automatically at fault.
My english teacher, (A brilliant man, really), He likes to tell us that all subjects are connected. Obviously such distinct lines  Drawn between subject classes Are unneccessary and hinder.
Dear Teacher of mine, I have a few questions I would like to ask you. You always told me to ask questions when I had them. Funny how whenever I try to ask you, you never seem to answer,
Eligibility to do something Means you have the credentials, right? All the right things for something
Yes you do a lot for us But do you really care that much? To help your students find their way Assist them with their future days? Teachers, counselors, principals too Will you help us with our future? 
Scholar won't you school me, or will you leave me dumb? Teacher won't you teach me, or shall I hold my tongue? Instructor, instruct me, before I start to shout! Lecturer, lecture me,
Students are eager; Some learn, but did you teach us? Perhaps the well is dry.  
From pre-k to twelfth grade, we are taught to keep quiet, raise our hands, and be nice to everyone. I know my abc's and my 123's, but not the essentials. As a senior in high school,
The questions are strong Our life seems long For who do you teach As we learn with little breach   We debate on meaning The arguements never leaning Time slowly ticking past
Techer, teacher I wouldn't dare Not in here, nor out there I promise you I did not swear.   I am not bad like students you've had. Speaking such words, do you think i've gone mad?  
Cold desks and broken dreams. That's all this kid sees. Everything that she believes Is broken like her dreams. She once imagined the world as hers to hold. But then she had a teacher
Please, justify my actions.  When I can find the reasoning to explain myself.   Heal me, your less-than-ideal, with some affirmation. To isolate is cruel, and a detriment for a sound foundation.
  There is something unique about every school Each one with their own style With the same goal in mind for each student, Is it really worth the while?   It is for those students who want to succeed
Sit down and listen teachers. You have much to learn. Because there’s still a lot you do not know. About dealing with kids and helping them progress. But fear not, because the light, to you, I will show.  
Dear teachers, Don't mistake this poem as something that doesn't need to be heard. It does. Let me guess as long as it's the answer to your math problem then our voice matters.
All I can do is sit in class As I start to doze off in AP Gov There is no way I'll retain this Past the AP Exam How is this doing your job?   C'mon, come over here Wake me up
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