A Future Teacher

Dear Diary,


When I first arrived at the school I felt, like, I was going back to school myself. Seeing all the trees around the playground, the circle drive where buses pick-up and drop off kids. As I walked to the office I felt a nervous bug in my stomach, scared if the kids would like me and would want me to help them with their work. As I signed in and walked to the classroom I could hear the little kids laughing and having a great time. When I got closer it got quieter and you can tell you were getting to the older grades. When stepping into the class all eyes were on me, I didn’t know six graders could be so scary! Seeing the teacher he was surprised to see me, guess he was just lost track of time.

As I was introduction to the students as Ms. Purnell, they all smiled and it gave me a warm feeling to be so welcomed in the class. As they worked on a paper I scanned the room seeing all of the math problems on the board, the books, and it seemed like, they had so much going on but  I was so excited that I wasn't really nervous anymore. He put me in a group and had me read with them so see how they comprehended the novel.  The students worked so well you could tell the ones that had trouble reading the work, because they did not want to read out loud. But I showed them tips that will help them and as they used the tips they got better and better. I really was sad when I had to leave. Even the students were sad but I told them I would be bad in a few days. This is why I want to be a teacher make students happy and teach young minds.


             A Future Teacher


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