Teachers, You’ll Have To Do Some Adjusting

Sit down and listen teachers. You have much to learn.

Because there’s still a lot you do not know.

About dealing with kids and helping them progress.

But fear not, because the light, to you, I will show.


First off, you teach us, we don’t teach ourselves.

You throw a packet in our face and expect us to learn?

I just can’t seem to understand how you

Want respect, but don’t give it in return.


Next, why do you belittle us students?

Acting like we’re inexperienced, cell-bound fools.

You were a teenager once, but since then

You’ve become a controlling, nonsensical tool.


And why must you lecture instead of teach?

Because to learn, we must be taught.

Discussion allows us students to learn.

It triggers our comprehension and gives room for thought.


The wants of us students are very simple.

We just want school to be a place we feel good at.

You will have to do some adjusting, but the bottom line is

You’ll be happy, we’ll be happy, what’s better than that?


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