Hey Teacher!


Hey teacher!

Remember me?

I spent fifty-five minutes in your class,

And I want to actually learn something, 

Not just pass.

Hey teacher!

Over here!

I am more than a score in your book,

I have bigger goals than just making our school look good.

Hey teacher!

Guess what?

I knew all the answers,

Now can we go do something useful like curing cancer?

Hey teacher!

Check this out!

I read the entire chapter,

Let's express our opinions because I think they matter.

Hey teacher!

What's up with this?

Why must we measure intelligence with standardized testing,

Aren't understanding and discussing more important than guessing?

Hey teacher!

Listen to me!

Through the system I feel like I am shuffled,

My individuality and thoughts constantly muffled!



This is for the sh*t you can't say to your teacher scholarship contest.

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