The Grade I Deserve


They say those who cant do, teach. Well you are not exactly proving them wrong.You assume that because I'm the student and you're the teacher that I'm automatically at fault. Well those who ASSUME make an ASS out of U and ME.

We are not best friends, I'm just here to learn. And I hope that I'd get the grade that I deserve. I am an honors student and I was placed in a regular curriculum class because I needed extra  time for my extra curricular activities. I already know what I am capable of and I can tell you right now, it is allot higher then a B.

"Please write an essay interpreting the poem." Interpretations are unique. You can not mark me down on my report because you believe one thing, and I disagree.

Another packet. This must be a joke. You're here for a reason and it is to teach, I will not allow you to hand me a stack of papers to substitute for you. What if I were to take the day off and leave a stack of papers on my desk of questions, this would be not allowed. So what makes you so special? It's worse that they are actually paying you for this as well.

My frustrations could go on for days, but teaching is not for everyone. That ten year needs to disappear. Every teacher should be re-evaluated annually to create the best education system possible. I am just grateful that there are others who share my struggles. And with that I wish you the best of luck.


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