Excuse Me While I Sleep

All I can do is sit in class

As I start to doze off in AP Gov

There is no way I'll retain this

Past the AP Exam

How is this doing your job?


C'mon, come over here

Wake me up

Make it interesting

You tell me that I am better than this

But you are better than this

C'mon, don't be a bore


Your job is to teach

But all you do is lecture

Get up and speak out

Say something worthwhile


Dear God.

Say something I can't automatically assume.


Go ahead, get mad at me

It's not my fault that I'm smart

Yes, I can sleep

And yes, I will pass

If you got a problem with this

Maybe you should actually teach


Don't tell us not to talk

If all you're going to do is tell stories

You sit there and drone on and on

And here you are, "teaching"


Excuse me if I don't care

But unless you are going to teach me

Unless you are going to do more

Than be Captain Obvious

Excuse me while I sleep.


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