Teach Me I Want to Learn

Thu, 12/05/2013 - 21:46 -- awade0


Mr.  Pre Calculus, in your class every student feels helpless. So every day I sit and wonder why, why are you wasting my time. Mr. Pre Calculus I don't mean to put up a fuss, but I am fussing in a meaningful manner, I think you should get your planner write it down I want you to remember this:  Dude the tales, you tell are not philosophical, they're irrelevant, and illogical.Yes! They are, how about teaching me something I need to know for my exam next week. Mr. Pre-calculus, your students zone out staring interestingly in your direction, pretending to pay attention. We are students sitting in jail cell looking out learning nothing. We can be else where having a ball, spending 45 minute making a step closer to achieving life goals.I thought it was crystal, but obviously you cannot see that we don't have a clue about what's happening from point A to point Z. Mr. Pre Calculus I often ponder. Flipping the question back in forth in my mind. Why, why is this class required it should've stayed an elective. I wish I had a choice to be selective.You tell us that you already have us lined up for apex so I don't even think you try. But try, try helping us because we feel as though we are helpless. Our knowledge on this subject is empty come fill us up, we need refills, because we're growing restless.




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