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It's a sharp crack in the air The grain splits down the middle A thin line that resembles ruptured cement during an earthquake emerging  A violent tremble pierces the air
If I had the strength to make it through another day, Maybe I would. But today I'm too weak to even cry. Trust me, I've tried. If I had the hope that life might improve, Maybe I'd pray.
Searching for a way to see. Reaching out for some kind of mercy. Kneeling before God, I plead, Please awaken me from this dream.   Searching for something about which to dream.
As your birthday approaches, The tears get harder to hold back, As I look back on my motives, Remembering when my heart was in tact. That day that I broke your heart, I also destroyed mine,
I was his mistake               He didn't know he was my purpose
I’m hoping after sunrise  you’ll come back and say you’ve realized  that the tethered string around your heart is unraveling 
I know it’s late and early too  but 3am is when I think of you  and oh I feel a lot about the way I fell and fell for you  it seems as if the world around me 
Clouds, the molecules within them like crystal beads of regret.   They left one another alone for too long and they cried themselves into a snowstorm.
What have I done? He is restless without my touch. He needs constant reassurance. Is there no faith that I can give him? I have done no wrong. No reason t thing of another. Stress eats me whole.
If only life was as easy to handle as a pile of laundry. It builds up and up, but a quick load or two will shrink it back down. And then all that is left is the warm smell of lavender soap and an empty basket.   
A quarter of years I know you, From day one you showed me your love is true. You swore that you’ll bring me stars I believed you and til now you didn’t cause me scar
Oh the sight of the summer breeze, I wish to only be with the sea. The sea breaks upon the rocks, like my heart when he talks. All I wish is to be seen, by the the man who is my dream.
hola pequeño árbolcito. si caigo sobre ti, será crítico, si te doblo seguramente romperás, Pero debes leer en tu díptico si lo sobrevives un poco más,  crecerás un poco más fuerte,
Empty words on empty screens,  A silent generation screams Behind the masks of pleasant faces, Witty pictures, clever phrases,  We break, we cry, We sob, we fight, And segregated, rot and die,
Today, you were with me. You laughed when I laughed, we thought alike so often. Yet you seemed different, sad about, something. I wanted to ask you, but we're still being repaired.
What's that I hear The finals has came to a halt No more studying A rest for my utter taught A time for peace and thinking A break from it all A time for fun and cooking Be able to consider
"Small dreams fade fast But that's okay 'Cause it was never meant To go that way Even those who smile  Got one foot in the grave But you couldn't see That the happiness was fake But still
She, falling in love before   and he, to depart without   a bye so good   darkened Her heart from red to gray and further to black   it was as if death
I stared fear in the eyes and asked it how was its day our staring match, lastedfor about five minutes and I refused to look away I am bigger I am not afraid I said, as I trembled in my legs 
  Skin can break bones can shatter but words will forever ffill the air. Unbreakable  filled with power. They win wars and stop hate. They can be used for greatness.
People often realize  they can endure more than they thought they could when enduring becomes the only option.  But sometimes- when people can't endure- they break. break a little, 
A narrow mind needs not to dream And I want a dreamer to dream with me. So, before we part, it's this you must know: You were a fanciful one, as far as dreams go.
As I go through my day Trying to keep my head up & just be okay.
I gave up a lot To pursue this love But now it seems That I was blind and dumb     I dedicated my life My entire childhood To pursue a dream
No one sees and no one can find What I hide beneath this facade of mine Constantly wanting for what cannot be Constantly wishing for a better school, A better life, And better friends
The bustle of people, yeah classes are starting again.
I am suffocating
The heart beats like a thousand drums When in the face of inquiry to another A yearning soul heard over melodious hums
Life is unfair The adults all preach it But it takes so long for you to believe it You ride the waves Until the board breaks
Our words already frozen, long ago
In that moment, the warm breeze floated across my face. The tears were trying not to come.  Your eyes gleam of realization when my words flowed out. The stars shown as we were close. 
I hit you up on the phone. For once you're alone. Invite you to the parade, despite our world being gray.   Have you wrapped around my finger, except I don't.
A whispering breeze rolls through a quiet neighbourhood. A chord giggles from the rooftops of a busy downtown. All is gone... All is vacant... With nothing but a Blank canvas left to paint.
Rules. Are meant to be broken. Promises. Are meant to be kept. Secrets. Are meant to be told. Friendships. Are meant for you to hold. Relationships. Aren't always perfect.
When the voice of a distant cry Wriggles under the paper prison you began I start to grow into another skin   Yet, as soon as you turn your head towards me The world slowly grows dead
  Catch your breathe Release your break Causeless scars Relentless fate.   How to spread your wings when bogged down with living Not a living you prefer But one that is chained 
Beating within a hollow shell,it's pulse sends me racing. There's life still living in a tattered soul,no death will I be facing. The fire is lit, I feel its warmth,I walk a thin line; pacing.
It’s summertime and everyone’s free Taking life easy and drinking sweet tea Hearts being broken yeah it’s the season Girls dropping boys for no apparent reason Boys leaving girls
You look at me with eyes that Don't know the truth You look at me with eyes that Will not acknowledge the truth Because the truth is, I'm in love with you I'm in love with you and, She'll always know
A flick of the wrist An expression of surprise Nods, and eye contact Baldness and balding Business dress Causal Ties and dress shirts, Attention to detail Plead pants and shined shoes
You’re distant, a behavior I wouldn’t usually accept The thought of you has consumed my mind Confusion arises, I have yet to truly witness your emotions Please don’t leave me dangling, only to fall
I left thee in the waters of my cold and crashing words they descended on you- dark and foaming- as the world’s most bitter storm how dare you say good-bye! how dare you leave me to rot!
My sorrow Like a tidal wave of pain, Pounding me so hard Its difficult to stay sane. The tumbling chaos of my soul, Burst up and fill my eyes And for a moment all i can see is darkness.
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