Universe Specks | Time Spent


United States
33° 44' 34.62" N, 112° 24' 19.098" W

A flick of the wrist
An expression of surprise
Nods, and eye contact
Baldness and balding
Business dress

Ties and dress shirts,
Attention to detail
Plead pants and shined shoes

Plates stacked up like the years
Of their friendship
Resting upon a table
Foundation that allows
A knowing, feeling of
Acceptance for one another

They are comfortable with eachother’s
Laughter tickels their time together
Once a week, a lunch
Spent filled with silence
The thick sounds of other
Less important conversations

Intoxicating yet unsuccessful
At penetrating their own
Corner of the world.

As the ocean surrounds a reef
Curving out its imprint
Making a lasting fingerprint
Joys that can never be taken

A passion, uniting the two
Understanding and openness
Like an open wound
That you surrender to cleaning

Through others
We find ourselves

Determing what we’re made of
Who we are
What we sand for
With those closest
We are the most surrendered

Like a broken pen,
Our flaws sprawled out on
A paper once white,
Now permanently stained

A reality of relativity


Approximations to what we
Are to come
Who we are to be
Butterfly, trapped but
Its release imminent

Specks, we are
Unnoticeable on one level
Broadcasted on another
Why are we here?

Resting upon a rock
Mountain tops force on
A hat of perspective

Busy flecks of light
Passing by
Beneath trees and freeways
Where could they be headed,
At such a late hour?


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