A love so unconventional

A quarter of years I know you,

From day one you showed me your love is true.

You swore that you’ll bring me stars

I believed you and til now you didn’t cause me scar


You’re no prince charming,

But your heart is big as a king

You’re no billionaire

But your heart is as gold as an heir


How can someone like me resist you?

Lass around you queued.

I didn’t mean to cause you pain,

Neither hurting you is not my game.


Many plans we build together,

Even memories and laughter we capture

I didn’t mean to leave you

Please meet me in our secret rendezvous.


You might be a good husband and father,

Or a best friend of our future son and daughter.

You told me long ago,

I am the wife you always know.


As I heard those words you said,

My heart twitch, it is not you who fills my head.

I want to tell you who it is

But I don’t want to hurt you more or less


I want to ask myself what was wrong

Why I can’t love you all along

It is idiocy I called,

But it is betrayal, others appalled.


Maybe we are not for each other,

We just met as we walk in our journey together.

It is painful to let you go,

But it is the only way I know.



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