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I'm simply Jermerra  There are still many things in life that I haven't learned. I'm curious and interested in learning new things  Yes, I am becoming more educated before college. I'm sixteen
I was afraid to show the real me.  Afraid to be judged by the people I'd see.  What if they didn't like what I said or wore?  What if to them I was just a bore.    Someone who had the confidence of an ant. 
life isn't Easy, but i'm living. i May seem sweet, but don't let the halo fool you. love Much, laugh often, live loud.
Knowledge grows,But so does temptation.Sometimes, that’s what ruinsOur younger generations.  
On the other side of the glass
She laughs and loves 
A smile speaks for itself. It can make people melt. But can you see what’s going on inside? Can you see their true self? A smile holds a thousand words. A smile can hide away what they truly feel.
We walk around, seeing the faces of people we think we know. When in reality, we don't know them at all.  Although, we claim we know them.
That person behind the camera Who has black hair Who has really bad grammar Who talks with a corky flair   That person who always hides Who is a nervous wreck Who never takes sides
Would you pour me a cup In a classic mug The morning cup Sweeter than a hug
I walk around, wondering. I wonder, how will the future be. The future seems promising. The promise is withheld by each individual. Each individual seems unknown of the promise to withhold.
The real me? I am not who I thought I was. Believe me, You can't change who i am now because I am free. Under the curtain I have been washed In the sea. My fake personality has been squashed.
The real me is like the real you. Sitting behind the scratched, glass pane         separating us, In our once a week, twenty-minute-monitored conversation. As we speak through the coils of a half-
You'd never see me The true me, the real one inside Because my heart's been broken and I've learnt how to hide I took my feelings and locked them in a cage And there they've stayed while I have aged
I'm not the jock who is popular, cocky, and confident. I try to focus on others and try to make many happy. But I question, who makes me happy? My attention is towards others, not really myself, I cant show my true self, with anyone else.
Walking down the hall The eyes staring me down I can’t let them see,
Gay. Respectable. Intelligent. Deviant. I'm all of these things And none of them. My identity is contradictory. Exsistence, a paradox.   Wandering and lost
You know that girl who's always smiling in the hallways, The girl who knows everyone and speaks to everyone, The girl who isn't popular, but everyone knows her, Because she has a free spirit?
As the crowd’s conclusions falls to hush                 I could make the joker spin and blush At the lies I tell and the mask I wear At the chances I take in double dares My skin changes colors as chameleons
I don’t want to be a robot, someone’s invention
Yes I do hide behind a mask of some sort Due to the fact I am embarrsed to be myself You grow up learning to love yourself But as I grew up, I started to hate myself more and more
So you want to know the real me? The part I've never let anyone see? A girl resides inside my head, living but close to being dead. I keep her hidden, but she's not safe.
Curtains have a vaery unique place in our world Their soul purpose is to block something To block something in particular out for everyone else to see
She is (That Girl who loves to have fun. That Girl who speaks her mind. That Girl who is confident. That Girl who shares her emotions.
I Just want you to know who I am Who I've been all along Not afraid of rejection  Not afraid of what you think But I never say anything I run and hide I don't want you to think any different of me
I've always hid behind the curtain Walls of every color Too afraid for them to know the real me Afraid of acceptance Afraid of appreciation  Afraid it won't be the same But now it's time they know
I like to think I'm strong I used to be smart  I used to think I had some feelings bottled in this heart. Maybe I used to be good looking once. What the heck are women?
A life of sleeping horrors?
I crushed the people, then I brought healing to the bodies. 
Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain, But she is the real me. The woman you see is a fake, Pretending to be what others like to see.
Who Is That Girl? If I asked different people what they thought about me they would all be different. 
  Burning tears have purified these years All the way clear and the desire’s still here
LIfe, How awkward it can be. Concerned looks, I feel so uncomfrotable.   HIding in my skin, I find the real person I am. And to be honest... The real me scares me.  
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