The Real Me?


The real me?

I am not who I thought I was.

Believe me,

You can't change who i am now because

I am free.

Under the curtain I have been washed

In the sea.

My fake personality has been squashed.

Proclaim me

By my new identity in Christ. 

He loves me.

His grace cannot be priced.

The real me.

Under the curtain, I am who I am

I am free.

I find my identity in the great I Am.

The real me.





I love this; I love how you're sharing your faith openly. That's really awesome!


This was really good. I can relate to it. Keep it up!



The best thing is life is knowing exactly who you are!


loved it! keep using this gift for him :)


Simple and straight-forward


You have officially made the best decision you could have ever made by accepting Christ like that. Great job allowing God to speak to and through you! Super inspiring! Great picture too!


I love this poem so are very talented


This is a beautiful poem! Keep Writing :)



Have ever found the real you, eschewing the old, only to find that the old you may not exist anymore, but was still lovely? Have you ever felt like the old self was only a shadow of who you are, but you still fell like an echo of who you used to be? I mean, I love the poem. I'm just being nosy and asking weird questions. For all I know, the poem isn't even really about you, eh? Empathy in fiction and all :D


Love it :-)


Great poem, some people tend to overcomplicate their poetry (including me). You didn't and I can appreciate that! Keep being free!

Sarina Bella

This is so simply written but it packs a walloping punch in the words. It's nice to see other people who are confident and open with their faith!


This poem is inspiring!  Truly we can only find out who we are through Jesus Christ.


This poem is absolutely beautiful! (:



Dean K Miller

Yeah, I liked this one. I found the phrase "Under the curtain" to be powerful in both places it is used.

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