She (That Girl) is me


She is (That Girl who loves to have fun.

That Girl who speaks her mind.

That Girl who is confident.

That Girl who shares her emotions.

That Goof Ball.

That Girl is SuperGirl.  

That Girl that loves to play her instrument.

That Girl that would do anything for her friends and family.

That Girl who will become successful.

That Girl who wonders what else is out there.

That Girl who is destined to travel the world.

That Girl who never shuts up.

That Girl who knows way to much about Sci-Fi and too little about Sparkling Vampires.

That Girl who adores her life.) the girl who is held down by her kryptonite

She is the girl where doubts and fears rush through her mind

She is the girl who questions her friendships

She is the girl who pretends to have it all figured out

She is the girl who has one emotion


She(That Girl) is me.


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