How She Became Her


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She laughs and loves 

Because that is who she truly is. 

But she cares too much

about every one else’s opinions.

Wash away that smile and beneath

you can see her worries are tearing her apart.

Each little reflection danced around in her head

digging in her mind and filling the holes with gloomy poison.

She walked fast through the hallways 

trying hard to avoid them all.

They said she was pretty and she almost believed it 

but her thoughts told her lies that kept winning.


She knew that she couldn't take it anymore

the sad empty feeling that had kept her up at night. 

Her life was precious

but she didn't know it.

Too brainwashed by the society

that told her she wasn't good enough. 


Thankful, she listened to the strong voices 

in her life that led her north 

Learning it was okay to cry 

every once in a while. 

She now runs to get to her happy place 

her thoughts are finally silent. 

Achieving goals brought her so much joy,

she was so much better than what she had believed.

She smiles now because a boy

said he loved every single one of her freckles.

He likes her better without makeup

and she learns love, happiness, and joy.

She started to notice those little somethings

and they put her back into one piece.

She is truly happy and accepts herself,

realizing she is loved.



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