The Real Me?


So you want to know the real me?

The part I've never let anyone see?

A girl resides inside my head,

living but close to being dead.

I keep her hidden, but she's not safe.

As the demons continue to take shape.

Voices screaming at her from every angle,

and she can't break free from the shackles.

When the walls finally break away,

who would really be willing to stay?

That's why I never let anyone in,

I have to hide this war within.

I've been violated, beaten, kicked down.

Despair dragged me deeper than the ground.

Living, paralyzed in fear.

But in the end, you'll never really care.

I grew to hate myself in every single way,

so I embraced the lie I decided to play.

Pull the curtain back, reveal the true me.

Are you satisfied with what you see?


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