Maker of a Faker

As the crowd’s conclusions falls to hush

                I could make the joker spin and blush

At the lies I tell and the mask I wear

At the chances I take in double dares

My skin changes colors as chameleons

They don’t care if I fake or hide what I’m feelin’

Useless efforts but, I’m still trying

Do I cheer when I win? Cry when I’m dying?

Am I the clown blowing tricks and balloons?

                Am I the ruler of all buffoons?

Here’s a prize for the biggest liar

Who shifts her ways like blazing fire

The real me, Fear laughs and takes her

                If anything, I’m the Maker of a Faker

With shaky hands, I could rip the mask

Fearful I am to take the task

Maybe one day, the others will see

The lie destroyed and the real me


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