Growing Up

I'm simply Jermerra 

There are still many things in life that I haven't learned.

I'm curious and interested in learning new things 

Yes, I am becoming more educated before college.

I'm sixteen

I'm still earning my way and I  do want to learn.


I've attended elementary school 

Where I learned new things 

And was happy about what the future would bring

I made new “friends” ,

And realized that they were not for me 

But that was something the young Jermerra did not face to see.

I had to leave to go to middle school

It was an honor and accomplishment that paid off from a past lesson learned. 

I was trying to find myself 

I did it in every way

Now people would enjoy to see me everyday.

I was so caught up in materialistic things 

And I almost let them take over me

Then I grew up the realize that those things did not determine the real me. 

My next school is up an even higher hill.

I had to accept that I was growing up, 

I am going to be an adult in a couple of years and that sucks. 


Knowledge is knowing, growing, and accomplishing

And I know I am aware of my surroundings, people,  places, and friends. 

Knowledge is only one key and there access to other paths

By opening one door to knowledge, the knobs unturned never ends.


Ever since I can remember what my parents and grandparentshave said

I often think twice out loud or in my head

I'm spooked by the scary but true advice that I tote around every day

At sixteen, I've realized, I can't always have my way.


I am brown in color and my origin is black

I think that I am judged by the skin that I am in. 

But I’m black and I’m proud 

And I know I always will win. 

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